Land Sculptor Studio Company limited, founded in 2008, is formed by a group of people who dream to explore alternative solutions and integrate an artistically aesthetic attitude into landscape spaces to improve environment and quality of living space.

Land Sculptor Studio, known as LSS, is established our reputation as oriental multi-styles of particular design with international design profession. We had sculpted various projects with unique creativity in Asia, especially in Vietnam.

“Our philosophy driven our company and designers is to achieve the creativity of uniquely artistic design and responsively functional landscape on various scale and to improve an humane environment and quality of living space.”

Besides creating uniquely edging design, our balance of practicality and artfulness lead us to urban planning and landscape design which answers to all contexts of projects. LSS seeks to creative responsive design outcome that meet their environmental, aesthetic and economic objectives.

Our scope of works includes urban planning, master planning, park and recreation, institution and residential.